A conventional education’s gravity behind an entrepreneurship

What should youth know about entrepreneurship?

A conventional education’s gravity behind an entrepreneurship

By: Raksha S

The word “entrepreneurship” encapsulates the spirit one truly contains in order to be a successful entrepreneur. Through gazing at the surface, the “spirit” is often viewed to be utilized in solving societal problems or as a way to unleash one’s own creativity to bring in personal capital. Due to the youth viewing the later benefits of being an entrepreneur, it is often seen as a path to easy money which doesn’t necessarily have to have a conventional route of going through a form of education.

When we think of extremely successful entrepreneurs, for most, images of Zuckerberg or Gates configure in our heads and due to them having a past of dropping out of college, we tend to ignore at times the vitality of education. There are to, many entrepreneurs who have taken the “conventional” route of pursuing education which isn’t as well known amongst the youth making them disregard its importance though, it is just an element in an entrepreneur’s path. It helps entrepreneurs set attainable goals in realistic periods of time and understand the world of entrepreneurship much more easily.

By iterating the importance of Education, it doesn’t necessarily mean just the “academic” aspect, but instead the various sets of skills you acquire when pursuing one. Firstly, the skill of communication is strengthened. By studying and interacting with one’s peers, not only do they socialize and learn to effectively communicate but instead “grasp” this skill from their prior experiences. These experiences could for example be dealing with a team where there are prevalent conflicts amongst some members and when one deals with it and try to bring everyone on the same level. Through this, one would learn how to work with people, effective communication, and leadership qualities. Indeed, these expertises are extremely useful, and utilizing these, they could have a much straight forward path when it comes to apprehending other skills such as problem-solving and an undefeatable work ethic. Though the importance of a prevalent knowledge of strong risk management does play a major role and through attaining your “conventional” education, you learn guides on managing risks based on past occurrences one may have learned and thus would be helpful when navigating the entrepreneurial path. Whereas, if not, in some cases, it could cause more mistakes which ends up costing one’s time and money.

Besides, a vast majority of youth look first at the aftermath of successful entrepreneurships before even regarding the amount of time and hard work that went in which has led them to the “aftermath” stage. The amount of determination and the ability to go on is crucial. Often, The youth would want to start a business whose initial and main goal is to keep money flowing into their bank accounts. Though various factors and a strategic plan should be formulated in order for the entrepreneur to not divert themselves from their own created path. Indeed this would save time as one would not easily be influenced into altering a major element in their path. Besides an exceptional skill to hold is the ability to manage time and devote it. The faster you hop onto this path, you tend to learn more. 

Alongside, another obstacle one would face is the fear of making mistakes. Just because successful entrepreneurs are rich and are at the “top” doesn’t necessarily mean they have always been like that. As a matter of fact, various inspirational stories which spread the internet tell you otherwise like some have had their “downs” or even have struggled to make ends meet. The mistakes or “downs” one faces is what builds you. These errors lead you to reflect on yourself And question yourself. What have I done? What made me do it? Why did I do it? What could I have done otherwise? etc. When committing mistakes, it’s like you fall in a muddy pit. Then you realize that “oh I didn’t see it” you realize that because you have experienced this “fall”, you remember where it was and the next time you pass that area, you remember that pit and instead go beside it to make sure you don’t “fall” again. Through this, you are more likely and stable to be an entrepreneur no matter the unexpected situations you have to deal with.

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