About Us

Our Work

EntrepreYOUership is engaging in a decolonized approach through investing in local leadership and co-designing programs with our global partners. Our team members serve as local leaders who understand how to create culturally relevant programs and how to optimize operations. EntrepreYOUership creates an innovate space because we are led by a diverse team from around the world.  It gives young people confidence to enter spaces when they can connect with someone they identify with.  

Our Mission

Education shouldn’t look different whether you’re living in Beirut or Beverly Hills. That's why EntrepreYOUership was created. After experiencing firsthand the discrepancies in our education system, EntrepreYOUership was formed. Most entrepreneurship education programs are private, costly offerings facilitated by adults who are many years ahead of youth in terms of their achievements.  It can be intimidating for youth the enter spaces led by highly accomplished adults, which is why we focus on creating a community of teen entrepreneurs who support each other.

Our Global Partners

Our work is supported through financial partnerships from Girl Scouts of the United States of America, America's Promise Alliance, Hershey's Kindness, Grip Tape, and the Charles Mott Foundation. Our program partnerships include Babson College, The Boys and Girls Club, Girl Scouts of America, the Wharton School of Business, Superposition Chapters, school districts, and over 35 youth led organizations. 

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About Our Tagline

Our team is intentionally youth led to debunk the myth that entrepreneurship is reserved for adults with fancy degrees who have access to venture capital.  Our tag line is “You can do it too!” because we want youth to see themselves as capable of starting businesses and managing professional finances, even when they are young.

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