Best Business YouTube Channels

Article written by: Rachel Miller

How can you change the world with a click of a button? Great question. Any business idea that you might have has the potential to improve the lives of millions of people. For example, you could start a business that revolutionizes how we transport goods from factories to homes. This is just one of the endless possibilities! Whether you want to kick back and relax with a YouTube video or get some inspiration to start your own company, here are the Best Business YouTube Channels to do so:

1.TEDx Talks. Hundreds of videos on numerous entrepreneurs as they stand on the infamous Red Circle await your click. My personal favorite Ted Talk is Riley Csernica’s Zero Equals One: Creating A Business From Nothing. In the eight-minute video, you will learn about Csernica’s simple equation for youth entrepreneurship. Who knows, maybe by the end of the video, you will be inspired to create your invention! By watching the various Talks available on the Tedx Talks YouTube channel, you can learn personal anecdotes from entrepreneurs and their journey to success.

2. Stanford Graduate School of Business. This is another great channel to learn about personal experiences from notable entrepreneurs. You can watch Oprah Whinfrey discuss the importance of listening to your instincts or Stanford graduates as they lecture on making body language your superpower. Specifically, in the body language video, you will gain insight into the impacts of body language on conveying your message. Strategies such as “posture breeds success” and “gesture strengthens our message” will allow you to use body language as a tool for your success.

3. Business Insider. With over 5.4 million subscribers, Business Insider reveals insights into the behind-the-scenes operations of companies. You can learn anything from the rise and fall of Kraft Cheese or how airplane interiors are designed. More importantly, you can learn about small businesses and tips on how they are “still standing.” This is a great channel to explore your interests and create new ones along the way.

There are hundreds of other channels to spark your creativity. All you have to do is find which one works for you!

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