Businesses Which Could Reduce Our Collective Environmental Impact


Environmental impacts are problems faced by the environment as a result of human activities such as industrialization and overgrazing etc .

Eco-friendly businesses are business initiatives which do not harm the environment but rather keep in check environmental challenges such as pollution,climate change, global warming, among others.

The following are some of the eco-friendly business initiatives that could reduce our collective environment impacts; 

Tree nursery business; establishment of commercial  nurseries of a variety of tree species for the farmers to plant would reduce climate change and its effects since trees help in the formation of rainfall and modify the climate of a place.

Garbage collection and treatment business; this involves collection of household wastes for safe disposal at a fee. this decontaminates the environment of rather unhealthy wastes.

Distribution of electric vehicles and motor bikes; the rechargeable motor vehicles emit no hazardous fumes to the environment and therefore maintain clean surroundings. 

Biogas digestor manufacturing and installation business;  making biogas and installing them in homes and farms can provide a cheaper source of clean energy and prevent cutting down of trees for wood fuel.

Commercial organic farming business; this involves farm production of a variety of food crops without using hazardous chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, among others.  This prevents pollution to the environment and provision of healthy foodstuffs to communities.

Wind power generation and distribution business; wind power is a cheap environmentally friendly power that can be used by families.

Incinerator construction business; incinerators can be used to burn hazardous wastes in homes, schools, factories with minimum spillover to the environment.

Concrete pole manufacturing and distribution business; these poles can replace wooden polls in the construction industry.

Plastic recycling business; this involves collection of plastic wastes from the communities and recycled into house use items such as basins, jugs, food containers, etc hence reducing environmentaal pollution.

Metal collection business; metals that would pollute the environment can be collected and sold out for recycling in the metal fabrication industries.

I conclude by calling upon entrepreneurs to start up eco-friendly businesses for a better world.

DAVID SAMUEL, 14 yrs , Kako senior Secondary School, Masaka- Uganda.

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