Change is the way to Development

 By: Karabo Annah

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” ~Albert Einstein 

Change is the mechanism which brings about development yet we are always adamant to bring about change. It could be because of our fear of the unknown or rather it could be because we are happy in our comfort zones. 

A lot of systems used in the world today are long outdated especially with the goals we would like to achieve as a global nation, however because of our reluctance to change we don’t seem to see the need for educational reform or the dire need to actuate entrepreneurship programs for the youth.

The traditional way of teaching and the content of subjects that have always been taught are falling short of our fast paced lives in the 21st century. It is necessary for curriculums to adapt and start teaching what is relevant to our daily lives. Most subjects in high school teach the theory aspect and hardly the practical aspect or rather how to apply the theory to our lives. The education system has trained and equipped us to be loyal and hard working employees instead of teaching us to be independent, creative and resilient employers. Subjects like accounts and commerce merely teach us the complicated skills of balancing the trial balance and formulating income statements , when what we really need in essence is the knowledge and skills to be financially smart. To be equipped to realize and grab money making opportunities. We need to learn how to manage the little we have and how to make the little we have into more. Yet our education system fails to teach us this.

Entrepreneurship is the door to achieving sustainable development because it will not only create life long learning opportunities for the entrepreneurs but it will also lead to creation of decent jobs for the unemployed in the process it will also reduce inequality among people and eradicate poverty. 

Ecopreneurship is a type of entrepreneurship that focuses on the environment . It shines some light on major issues that are often overlooked like protecting our climate, seas and aquamarine life. Ecopreneurship promotes biodiversity and ensures that our earth is well preserved for future generations.

Lack of finances and lack of knowledge are huge contribution factors to the failure of most entrepreneurs , this is why we need to support entrepreneurs financialy. It is also why we need to reform our education systems to develop a way of thinking in our young minds that can accelerate and motivate them to think like entrepreneurs . 

I am aware of the fact that not everyone is an entrepreneur but I also believe that even those who help the entrepreneur need to think like an entrepreneur , they need to think progress and they need to understand how they can make their leaders job easy. This is why I see the need to educate everyone to be a leader because then it becomes easier to reach the goal. 

Change is painful but change is necessary because change is the way to achieve even the most impossible goals. Change is the way to Development!

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