Written by: Tatu Sospeter from Tanzania

The world is in a very dire need of outstanding problem solvers, people who could see the challenges
facing their communities and bring about the solution. I call them entrepreneurs. Well, today we have
electronic bulbs because someone tried to solve the problem of darkness, we have machines because
someone wanted to solve the problem of time wastage and inefficiency, again we have hotels,
restaurants and agricultural projects because someone wanted to solve the problem of hunger, as well
we have schools, and books because books because someone wanted to solve the problem of ignorance
and so much more. This is to make it concrete that we surely need entrepreneurship to address the
world’s future and existing challenges.

In fact, the nature of our education system should be reformed. We should have an education system
which students are trained basing on the existing needs of the world. Look at the curriculum in African
Leadership University (ALU). It is a platform that is mission centered than majors based. Scholars go with
mission statement on what they want to accomplish in the world. Example, scholar A wants to create
job opportunities to the unemployed youths by creating multiple business ideas that solves vast
majority problems. Therefore, when they go to the university they work on their mission. This helps to
keep them on track on what exactly their goals and missions are.

However, I align with Robert Kyosaki’s point of view that: The reason why we struggle financially is that
money is not taught in school. Vast majority of both high school and university student, graduate with
zero financial knowledge. They are raised in the academic curriculum that would only make them
doctors, lawyers, accountants, educators, pilots, managers and police officers who earns high income
but financially unstable. If money was taught in school we could have kids who know how to deal with
their money productively, so later they become big investors, kids who could prioritize savings, have a
good budget of money. Just imagine if we will have a generation of individuals with masters degree and
PHD’s and they can appropriately deal with the money they make: that they invest in developmental
projects, that they initiate business ideas, that they posses assets and so much more. some of the
people are paid enough but still struggles financially; .

The reason is they lack financial literacy.

On the other side of the coin, Imagine if we could have people who are well trained on the
entrepreneurship skills that they subsequently acquire business management skills, teamwork skills,
leadership skills, financial skills, critical thinking skills, communication skills, problem solving skills,
customer services skills and of the kinds, we can then be able to meet the world challenges effectively.
We need to train our youth on self-employment. That when they graduate they tend to have a mindset
of self-employment. This includes having entrepreneurship clubs in high school, compulsory sessions in
universities for everyone from people who excelled in business, seminars, workshops, entrepreneurship
trainings, but also increasing platforms that support young entrepreneurs such as Azisha prize in
Tanzania, students should also engage in business tours at different places internally and externally.
However, youth entrepreneurship competitions are inevitable for triggering creative and critical thinking
skills for youth to come up with amazing ideas.

Far cry from that, we still have people who are using hand hoes, axes and local ways of irrigation in
agriculture in this technical world. It is the right to use digitized equipment and tools to increase
efficiency in production process. Example, Farm automation, modern green house and artificial
intelligence. It is the time individuals should not use more of their hands in industries due to high level
of industrialization generally in the whole world. This will help to increase the output in an efficiency

However, in the whole production process individuals should be kind and supportive to the environment. Therefore, one could go for green catering business, consultancy services, green financing,
recycling business and so much more of the kind. The aim is satisfy our needs and concurrently making
the world a better place for everyone to live.

In my opinion, entrepreneurship is inevitable for development of any country. This is because
entrepreneurs pay tax to the government, they create customers satisfaction, stimulates employment
opportunities, ensures full utilization of resources and promotes innovation as well. Go east go west
entrepreneurship is the best for development to take place.

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