Education gives a chance

   By: Gustavo Peterle Cebalho

 Transformation starts from the inside and transcends to the outside. You can only change starting from the inclusion among people, education acts precisely within that, in my point of view, the family and the school are great allies and are complementary in the formation of society. Education is responsible for stimulating socialization, in a row to democratizing access to knowledge. Therefore, building a cooperative relationship between school and family is essential. A new education based on integration with space for differences, establishing interpersonal relationships that go beyond classrooms. This essay begins by discussing the importance of educational reform, it then explores, education in its “ideal” form, Subsequently describes in words the direct cause-and-effect relationship between society and educational institutions.

       Education is an asset that must include everyone. In theory, the exclusion of people from some rights is a social page that has already been turned, however, it is still not uncommon nowadays to find cases of people who were deprived of education, some circumstances are; a low family money power, or skin color, and so on, so where is this inclusion that is so talked about? Despite being considered a basic right, much still needs to be changed, starting with one of the social pillars, which is the family. As such, they are important for citizens to understand their rights and obligations and to become more aware and tolerant of social issues. Ignorance of these rights can lead to several problems, one of the main ones being the exclusion of minorities.

      In addition to the classroom, education encompasses the entire personal and professional life. Therefore, it is not possible to distinguish or separate knowledge acquired in school, with the construction of the character of individuals, but it is a two-way street, in the same way that academic relationships affect personal relationships, personal relationships also define behaviors in academic life. A survey by the Institute of Applied Economics (IPEA) found that for every 1% increase in enrollment of 15 to 17-year-olds in school, the city’s homicide rate decreased by 2%, based on the Brazilian website “Somos Educação” . This proves, therefore, that increasing educational indices significantly reduces other indices that haunt the population, such as poverty, inequality, prejudice and violence.

        In brief, education is a very powerful tool, fighting for better education is fighting for a better society, reforming education is ensuring that everyone has equal rights without distinction or exclusion. In a word to being fundamental in civic education, it creates better individuals, in every way. So, perfect education can’t just be in the imagination, not let the light go out in the eye of a child who hopes for a miracle. Maybe one day we can look back and remember that an ignorant and prejudiced world is in the past.

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