Entrepreneurship: A Passion for Creation 

Written By: Gianella Bejar 

Children’s ears hear stories of individuals with singular passions and incredible determination to pursue them. As these same young people age, they come to fail at choosing any one specific interest and pursue it as devotedly they thought they would. The misconception understood from these tales kids are told is that passion is a specific activity, whether it be from playing music to curing sick animals. Today, individuals desperately call for a renewed idea, and I propose the following: the passion of any individual is to create. With that, it is also proposed that entrepreneurship can and should be the first step towards achieving their mission. 

The phrase said most often by aspiring individuals is “I want to make a difference in the world.” Though a bold assumption, I firmly believe each and every individual craves making an idea, item, or entity that was not present before their existence. This desire for invention and innovation dictates the actions of most, if not all. It is an innate human desire to contribute to the world and communities they live in, and the path that many choose to do so is entrepreneurship. Whether one’s intentions are to feed the hungry or revolutionize the service industry, entrepreneurship is flexible and elastic; fitting and fulfilling the desires of each who strives for a life of creation. 

Take Ian Adair as an example. He’s a determined mental health advocate who fought against the stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace through the foundation of a nonprofit. Alternatively, perhaps consider Katie Heggtveit, who works day-to-day to empower Torontonian youth physically and mentally through a variety of programs and resources. Lastly,

Jaycina Almond, a mother who actively provides and connects soon-to-be parents with the financial assistance and long-term support they may need. The list of incredible entrepreneurs does not stop there. Each day, the list of names and their life-changing contributions grows and waits for more to join. 

Entrepreneurship is a path towards self-satisfaction carved by those who pursue it. Anyone from any background can enter entrepreneurship – a life of actualization – and find great fulfillment. While one entrepreneur may selflessly break down barriers for youth with a not-for-profit, another may revolutionize childcare within a profitable business they brought from the ground up. You choose each fragment of its job description, responsibilities, and role. The only requirement is a passion for creation.

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