From Spark to Success

By: Kinaiya Creations

Entrepreneurship is incredible, but many people end up quitting after they realize it’s not so easy. It is important to learn before one begins their entrepreneurial journey so that they set themselves up for success. A lot of learning does come through trial and error, even after researching and talking to people. That is something that will never be completely avoidable, as it is a part of growth. But I’m here to share what I have learned since starting my own journey at just 10 years old. 

Children look up to the influencers, creators, and entrepreneurs on social media. Many find something they love and want to pursue through those that they watch and follow, yet very few end up making it because they never learned about the downs that go along with the ups. When I was younger, I discovered so much joy and expression through creating. I started my first YouTube channel in 2016 where I made DIY projects for my dolls. Making videos unlocked a spark of passion inside of me. It became one of my creative outlets. I didn’t have anyone to look up to other than those that I watched on my iPod touch, so I had to navigate it with only the support of my family, which I am very grateful I had. Now, at almost 17 years old, I run a successful business called Kinaiya, selling my art made out of recycled materials.

Something that is important to know from the start is that others are not reliable sources. They are important and helpful factors, but they cannot sustain a business for someone. A solid foundation to grow upon must be created since other people will not be there forever. There will be low moments when things aren’t going so well; that is part of owning a business. One’s own passion must be enough to keep them going through those tough times, or else their business or businesses will not work. 

The financial side of entrepreneurship can be very intimidating, especially when first starting out. It is also something that youth may not take into consideration since they aren’t used to dealing with money on a regular basis. Not having the knowledge to handle finances can easily overwhelm and turn people away from making their dreams a reality. Until a business becomes successful and sustained, other sources of income are often implemented to fund and keep people’s passions afloat. That can be very time-consuming. Children should discuss their businesses with their parents, caregivers, or reliable adults before starting. They will probably need help when it comes to money, depending on their age. Young people also tend to change their minds easily, so it would be smart to make sure they are serious about what they want to do first. They should not be limited, though. I personally changed paths quite a lot. Exploration is vital in discovering true passion, and if I hadn’t tried different things, I would not have made it to where I am today.

Children are often belittled and put down because of their age, but they are some of the most capable people in the world. We, as a society, should empower, uplift, and equip younger generations with the tools they need to make their dreams come true early on in life. I think it would be very beneficial for school systems to teach useful life skills to help youth flourish along their paths.

No amount of preparation could possibly make one feel completely ready. So, while all of these things are important, what is most important is actually starting. Having a plan is very useful, but it should be loose with room for change. One of the worst possible things one could do for their business is limit themselves and their potential. Nothing is set in stone. Things will never go exactly according to plan, but change doesn’t have to be a bad thing. More often than not it is a beautiful part of someone’s story that they couldn’t imagine being where they are without.

The most valuable thing I’ve learned through my journey is to never lose my wonder. My hope. My fireflies of faith. These things have led me to discover so much beauty and joy, and I think they were the final pieces to my puzzle. This is only the beginning, and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for my life.

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