Green Communities

By: Marisa C

I will be discussing a green community named Green Key Village. This particular
Green community happens to be in Florida. They describe themselves as using
“passive solar design principles making the most of natural daylight”. These are not just
any green homes either, as they have been “individually tested and certified by Energy
Star and the Florida Green Building Coalition”. Aside from simply wanting to live there
because it is a green community, they also offer some other benefits to residents such
as reduced water bills.

So, what exactly makes this community green? Well, Green Key Village is net-zero
living. They describe net-zero living as a home that “is not just a “green home” or a
home with solar panels. It is a combination of advanced design and superior building
systems.” Because of their solar technology, electric bills come close to if not zero
annually. They put solar technology in every home, which really makes this a green
community. Before, I mentioned how they have reduced water bills. This is because all
homes have “low-flow, Watersense® plumbing fixtures and an irrigation system” that
helps save water.

This community lives by their motto of “Live green, live well”. Green Key has decided to
go green for all of it’s benefits. Modern technology is allowing us to live green at
cheaper prices than normal living. So, why are there so few green communities? Well,

while they save in the long run these houses can be costly up front. However, if
someone was looking to stay somewhere long term a green community would be a
great choice as not only is it cheaper long term but it is also helping the environment.
This solar and water technology is something that could greatly benefit many other
communities, but only if we start getting the word out now about their importance to us
and the environment.

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