The Learning Generation

Written By: Mirella

Technology has been of great use to our generation, providing fast progress in health and communication, for example. Even so, our generation still struggles to keep a safety net, as the world, and the economy, can drastically change in a short period. Subsequently, the importance of learning how to create balance and turn a quagmire into opportunity. 

Being educated about this topic is even more important when it comes to the younger generations, as they have more chance to not only retrieve from past mistakes but also avoid them and create more opportunities for themselves and those in the same circle. Take for example Dabasir, the main character in “The Richest Man In Babylon”, a book about financial literacy written by George S. Clason, in the story, Dabashir is a man in debt with multiple people, but by learning about how to manage his money he is able to pay his debt while still providing a good quality life to him and his wife. Now imagine if a teenager had the same opportunity to learn about financial literacy. Not only would this person be able to avoid debts, he also would be able to provide a better life to himself and the past and future family generations. 

Learning how to pay bills, create a budget planner, find the bank that better fits your needs, and what is and how to invest is important in the short and long term of a person’s life and as the younger generations have more possibility to make changes in the long term it becomes important, and a responsibility to the society, to provide good quality and informative zone for them develop themselves and their future.

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